Thursday, May 28, 2009

HELLO PEOPLE, WanYing here!
Okay, since today's already the 28th, everyone should be quite sure which Uni/course they're going right? The er-do-you-know-which-course-XXX-is-going moments are appearing a little too often. And Eugene is waiting impatiently for this post to appear. Haha.

Carmen NUS Faculty of Science
Clair NTU Accountancy
JiaHui NTU Chemistry and Biological Chemistry
PeiLing NUS Accountancy
QianWen NUS Faculty of Science
Gracia SMU Accountancy
WaiSum SMU School of Social Sciences
Samantha NUS Faculty of Science
Mabel NTU Accountancy
Melissa NTU Chemistry and Biological Chemistry
Shiping NUS Business Administration
Sophie NUS Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences
Stephanie NUS Business Administration
SiJia NUS Pharmacy
WanYing NTU Biological Sciences
JiaYen Nanyang Poly Physiotherapy
SuJun NUS Faculty of Science
Daniel NUS Bioengineering
ShiHao NTU Biological Sciences
ZhiYang NUS Bioengineering
KahHwee NUS Accountancy
ChongPing NUS Pharmacy
Eugene SMU Business
Aloysius SMU Business

If there's a mistake, pls tag.
If there's a blank beside your name, pls tag too!


Saturday, May 16, 2009


<3 SHIP!